Capstone Weekly Update #3

Project, Projects, and More Projects

Another week has come and gone, I can’t believe it. I’m excited about the amount of progress I’ve made but also tired. So very tired. Comes with the urge to better myself, I suppose.

This past week we’ve had a few more clients come in and speak about their projects we could choose this semester. I really enjoy hearing about the companies and their different aspirations for this project. Jessica and I had met with Jessie, our client, this Tuesday and we were able to come up with some very exciting plans. Over the next week, we are hoping to be able to film some of the idea we came up with.

We’re being very optimistic with the project and most importantly, we are going to have fun with it. Success with enjoyment.

That’s all I have to share this week! See you next time!

–¬†Kailey –


Daily Post #7 – SMP

Media and New Media; None?

Right now, I’m personally not finding anything exciting or relevant that isn’t just regurgitated from past weeks events. Everyone is still just going on about fake news and how it’s affecting everything. I understand that it is important but, why is it still taking over the important upcoming events? Is there not anything happening with exsiting social media apps? Like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat?

Nope, still politics, and fake news?

Okay, I’ll check back later…

Daily Post #6 – SMP

Nothing is Happening

Due to the change in presidency and the cabinet, not too many outlets are updating. With the new people in charge we have to keep a watchful on how they will handle the media. And the media will have to keep a close eye on the ruling given out by the White House. Media will have to be careful of what and how they post to their followers. Seeing as the president has stated that any negative news is fake news brings a lot of red flags to the medias attention. It’s scary but, we just have to be careful.

That’s easier said than done.

Daily Post #5 – SMP

Short Films Migrating

Throughout the past few years we’ve seen an increase in Vloggers all over YouTube. Many have also used Snapchat and Instagram stories as a way to tell followers about their day. Now, there is a new game changer. A new short film is coming out on Feb. 10th that was filmed entirely on Sanpchat called Cracked Screen.

Why is This a Game Changer?

Snapchat is just 10 second videos. Now imagine an entire movie made from Snaps. The amount of videos that have to be complied to be able to make a movie of seven minutes in length. This is changing the way videos are filmed now. If you want something to come off as realistic, what better media to use than Snapchat. It’ so up close and personal everyone can’t help but be immersed in watching this persons story unfold.

Capstone Weekly Update #2

Already Falling Behind

Okay, okay, that heading is a little dramatic. In actuality, it’s still a bit difficult getting back into the swing ow working, school, and now an internship on my hands.

I’m loving how our course is going so far. Sure, it’s a little chaotic sometimes but, I think that’s how all of us get our creative minds working. All of us have come up with great ideas for our firm that could be a thing and just for ideas in general regarding our projects. With the project proposals finally finishing up we can begin to focus strongly on the client projects.

We need to also begin our professional social medias and start setting those up. I don’t have personal accounts because I simply haven’t set them up yet. I’m hoping to gain more experience with keeping up a professional image. We’re beginning to set up plans for meeting with our client and get the show on the road.

I do believe once this week is over I will fully be in the swing of things and back on track. I was kind of taken aback by the amount of work thrown at me from the get go. It’ll all be alright because I can do this and I just need a bit of time to prove that to myself.

Until next week!


Capstone Topic Post #1

Websites And You

Websites are the gateway for people to get to know you and how you work. When you set up a professional website you are creating a new way for potential clients and future coworkers or employers to find out about you. From the content you create to the type of person you are, they can get a sense of all of these things just from a click on your website.

It’s simple to create just a plain website with no effort put in to the layout but, that shows you don’t really care much for your work. By having a very clean and simplistic website it shows that you are organized and put effort into everything you do. It proves that you have a very strong work ethic which many look upon as a great characteristic to have.

Having a website gives off a feeling of certainty and professionalism which many employers look for in potential hires. Keeping up with a consistent voice and tone show that you know how to maintain your audience and talk to them. Talking to an audience and keeping them is key to handling a successful website.

Websites take a lot of work and that’s okay. Creating a place that will hold all of your work and endeavors takes time. All that time and effort will only help you create your online presence. By taking the time to make the website the way it needs to be only increases your chances of the website coming off the way you are imagining it to.

Layouts, content, consistency, the list goes on and on. The amount of work that goes into handling a website will show that you are serious about your work and plan to stick to that work ethic. By showing the world your portfolio and a peek into who you are, you are letting them know a piece of you. That piece of you can lead to creating long lasting relationships.

Maintaining a website can create many pathways for you but, it’s up to you to continue making those paths.

Daily Post #4 – SMP

Private Isn’t So Private Anymore

When sharing photos on Facebook you don’t think twice about what could happen to those pictures. Lately, there has been a trend where Role players (RPers) are taking pictures of random peoples’ children and using them in their fake stories. Role players take on the role of a fictional character or even a real person and play out scenarios. Most people don’t even find out about the stolen pictures until it’s already started. They may even only find out through their friends.

What Does This Have To Do With Social Media?

When people discover that their personal photos have been it makes them want to stop sharing their life all together. Someone has begun to steal their identity, to put simply. It’s scary, scrolling the internet and suddenly seeing a picture you’ve posted on your private FB account on a RP account. This creates less and less people wanting to be active on social media. More and more people are shying away from social media and I’m leaning towards to, too. A person can only take so much.

Daily Post #3 – SMP

More Likely to Support the First Amendment

As I talked about yesterday Fake News has reached an all new high over the past few weeks. Lately, I’ve noticed a trend of those who actually follow the news will be more likely to follow the First Amendment. This is quiet shocking because of how much the First Amendment has been compromised this year already.

Will It Change Anything?

I’m sure in due time it will. With the increase in protests lately, I have no doubt in my mind that more and more people will go out to protest and work to share their view points. Now, the only issue of concern is the rioters that come to ruin a peaceful protest. The Rioters are what make the people not want to support the protests. It’s a skewed point of view that I hope to see change.

Daily Post #2 – SMP

What is Fake News?

The topic has been floating around the past few weeks. Fake news has slowly been overcoming the facts of real news. More and more fake news social media accounts and websites have been put up at an increasing rate. Philip DeFranco has run into many issues when it comes to fake news on his news show. The difference in the news has created some very harsh and tense atmosphere on all social media sites.

Why is This Such a Big Deal?

It’s become such an issue that it has escalated into a big deal. The amount of people out there trying to deflect accurate news and the amount of people believing them is almost crazy. This just shows how much we need to consider what we write and how the public/audience will respond.

In short, do some research before you add to the fake news black hole.

Till next time!


Daily Update

Starting today I will be writing a daily blog. My Social Media Practice course has assigned each of us to write a daily update about our lives and such. I can only assume as much from what I was told by classmates. I was home sick today due to a nasty viral bug but, school must be top priority!

I’ve been a little behind on work (already?? Yeah, I know, I was shocked too.). Since the semester started it’s been very clear how demanding all my classes are going to be. I will be doing my best to give it my all and show all the skills I’ve been learning. I hope to back to ¬†my old self tomorrow!

It was good to talk to you all today but, I’ve got a big day ahead of me tomorrow! Internship, classes, and work, oh my!

Till next time!

– Kailey –