Capstone Weekly Update #7

This week is one many of us are dreading because it’s the week before spring break. I, like many others, felt that it dragged on for far too long. I just want to sleep for a few days, haha. Jessica and I finalized a date to meet with Matt next week during break. We’re both very excited about it and we can’t wait to hear some feedback.
We are also getting closer to starting the filming on Jessie’s music video. We plan to draw up some rough drafts in the next two weeks.

I think that’s all I have for you this week! I’m off to play video games! Have a great break!


Capstone Topic Post #6

This week’s topic was on resumes and business cards.

The importance of business cards in the work environment is staggering. Without a business card in a professional environment no one has a way to contact you. To me, business cards are a quick way to make a direct connection.
Resumes are a sheet of paper that shows your qualifications. Typically, going to a career fair or some type of networking event is a great place to meet others so it would be a good idea to have a resume and/or business card on your person. You never know when a great opportunity will come across you.

Better safe than sorry, you know? Carrying around either of these with you is great practice for a potential meeting with another professional in your field.

Capstone Weekly Update #6

This week we were finally able to get a response from Matt, our mentor. He seems like a really nice guy! I’m really excited to work with him and learn anything that he can teach us. We are having a hard time scheduling things with Jessie due to her sickness but we recorded a lot ahead of time so we are okay to hold off for now.
Life is coming at me in all kinds of directions and I’m trying not to drown but, I can make it. I know I can. It will only get easier once April gets here. I can’t believe I’m almost a senior. I feel like I just started college.

Okay! Enough being sad, life is waiting! Let’s go out and create some content!

Capstone Topic Post #5

This weeks topic is about project management.

During class this week our classmate, Chandler, gave a wonderful presentation on how to manage your time when dealing with big projects. He gave us a lot of cool websites and apps that we could use to help time mange better.
I know that I personally suffer from project and time management. This is mainly because I work really well under time pressure. Over the years of writing, I’ve managed to create some of my best works under a time limit. Why my brain likes to be stressed out, I haven’t the slightest clue.

I plan to start using a few apps to stop my procrastination and make me get work done early instead of the night before. Forest and Viridi here I come!

Capstone Topic Post #4


This weeks’ topic is all about freelancing. In class we had a discussion on branding yourself as a freelancer and how to create a steady work schedule. It was great to hear about ways that freelancers could brand themselves and how to network out to future clients. Keeping them and proving yourself to be a very powerful asset to many people can prove to be the most difficult part of freelance work.

You have to get out there and get noticed. You don’t have to necessarily get notice to a large ordeal but anything will help to increase your pool of clients.

Keep up with your work, show that you care, and more so, make those relationships lasting.

Capstone Weekly Update #5

This week we spent finalizing the scheduling and what we were gonna focus on with Jessie. We have decided on a few things but need to discuss them further with Jessie. This is really all that has happened in the past few days. Everything is slowly coming down from being up in the air.

Life Update: My mom has had surgery and has been on bed rest so it’s taken a small toll on my studies so I can help around the house but it’s alright. We all have to play with the cards we’ve been given.

Capstone Weekly Update #4

This week we worked on learning about the world of freelancing. Jessica gave a little insight on what her experiences have been with freelancing. We also heard from Andrew and his large project he took on.

With the project, we are still working out the scheduling and meeting with Jessie. We should have everything finalized by the end of next week. I don’t really have anything to update on, unfortunately. We just spent the last week trying to get everything together before we officially get started.

Capstone Topic Post #3

Resumes and Business Cards

This weeks post is all about resumes and business cards. Despite being in a very digital age, we can still gain a lot of networking through the print media that consists of resumes and business cards. By giving these things to potential clients it allows them to actually hold your information and, thus, making the intention to contact you at a higher percentage.

When potential clients can know that you are going out of your way to meet them and share your information with them gives them a great first impression. It shows that you are willing to prove you will work hard.

To me, having a resume and business card allow for you to begin making connections and continue to make great first impressions. Networking is key in this business and having just a business card on hand will significantly help in this venture.

Daily Post #8 – SMP

Update on Classwork

This morning we were filled in on the work we will be doing with the Kayapo. We had Professor Richard Pace come in and explain more in detail about the event we will be managing in March. We are planning to help fund raise some of the equipment to have the Kayapo take back with them. We are wanting to help them become more active on their social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.

Hopefully, by next week, we can have a pretty solid plan. I really look forward to the outcome and we can see all the hard work and success we’ve had over the semester.

To good times!

Capstone Topic Post #2

Proposal Writings 

This week our topic is over proposal writings. Coming up with a proposal for a project allows you to get a more comfortable feel with the entire project. Creating a proposal lets you flesh out all the fine details. I want to say that proposal are always necessary in creating a project.

Trying to create a project without any sort of plan will always prove to be very difficult. Projects aren’t something that can be thrown together and be expected to reach it’s highest express rate. With a proposal you can follow the plan you’ve laid out for yourself. When following along you are less likely to go astray and reach a better result because of it.

I can only say goo things about creating a project proposal. They only help you. Sure, they take a while to complete but in the long run you will be more thankful that you have it.