Capstone Weekly Update #7

This week is one many of us are dreading because it’s the week before spring break. I, like many others, felt that it dragged on for far too long. I just want to sleep for a few days, haha. Jessica and I finalized a date to meet with Matt next week during break. We’re both very excited about it and we can’t wait to hear some feedback.
We are also getting closer to starting the filming on Jessie’s music video. We plan to draw up some rough drafts in the next two weeks.

I think that’s all I have for you this week! I’m off to play video games! Have a great break!


Capstone Topic Post #6

This week’s topic was on resumes and business cards.

The importance of business cards in the work environment is staggering. Without a business card in a professional environment no one has a way to contact you. To me, business cards are a quick way to make a direct connection.
Resumes are a sheet of paper that shows your qualifications. Typically, going to a career fair or some type of networking event is a great place to meet others so it would be a good idea to have a resume and/or business card on your person. You never know when a great opportunity will come across you.

Better safe than sorry, you know? Carrying around either of these with you is great practice for a potential meeting with another professional in your field.