Daily Post #5 – SMP

Short Films Migrating

Throughout the past few years we’ve seen an increase in Vloggers all over YouTube. Many have also used Snapchat and Instagram stories as a way to tell followers about their day. Now, there is a new game changer. A new short film is coming out on Feb. 10th that was filmed entirely on Sanpchat called Cracked Screen.

Why is This a Game Changer?

Snapchat is just 10 second videos. Now imagine an entire movie made from Snaps. The amount of videos that have to be complied to be able to make a movie of seven minutes in length. This is changing the way videos are filmed now. If you want something to come off as realistic, what better media to use than Snapchat. It’ so up close and personal everyone can’t help but be immersed in watching this persons story unfold.


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