Capstone Weekly Update #2

Already Falling Behind

Okay, okay, that heading is a little dramatic. In actuality, it’s still a bit difficult getting back into the swing ow working, school, and now an internship on my hands.

I’m loving how our course is going so far. Sure, it’s a little chaotic sometimes but, I think that’s how all of us get our creative minds working. All of us have come up with great ideas for our firm that could be a thing and just for ideas in general regarding our projects. With the project proposals finally finishing up we can begin to focus strongly on the client projects.

We need to also begin our professional social medias and start setting those up. I don’t have personal accounts because I simply haven’t set them up yet. I’m hoping to gain more experience with keeping up a professional image. We’re beginning to set up plans for meeting with our client and get the show on the road.

I do believe once this week is over I will fully be in the swing of things and back on track. I was kind of taken aback by the amount of work thrown at me from the get go. It’ll all be alright because I can do this and I just need a bit of time to prove that to myself.

Until next week!



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