Capstone Topic Post #1

Websites And You

Websites are the gateway for people to get to know you and how you work. When you set up a professional website you are creating a new way for potential clients and future coworkers or employers to find out about you. From the content you create to the type of person you are, they can get a sense of all of these things just from a click on your website.

It’s simple to create just a plain website with no effort put in to the layout but, that shows you don’t really care much for your work. By having a very clean and simplistic website it shows that you are organized and put effort into everything you do. It proves that you have a very strong work ethic which many look upon as a great characteristic to have.

Having a website gives off a feeling of certainty and professionalism which many employers look for in potential hires. Keeping up with a consistent voice and tone show that you know how to maintain your audience and talk to them. Talking to an audience and keeping them is key to handling a successful website.

Websites take a lot of work and that’s okay. Creating a place that will hold all of your work and endeavors takes time. All that time and effort will only help you create your online presence. By taking the time to make the website the way it needs to be only increases your chances of the website coming off the way you are imagining it to.

Layouts, content, consistency, the list goes on and on. The amount of work that goes into handling a website will show that you are serious about your work and plan to stick to that work ethic. By showing the world your portfolio and a peek into who you are, you are letting them know a piece of you. That piece of you can lead to creating long lasting relationships.

Maintaining a website can create many pathways for you but, it’s up to you to continue making those paths.


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