Daily Post #4 – SMP

Private Isn’t So Private Anymore

When sharing photos on Facebook you don’t think twice about what could happen to those pictures. Lately, there has been a trend where Role players (RPers) are taking pictures of random peoples’ children and using them in their fake stories. Role players take on the role of a fictional character or even a real person and play out scenarios. Most people don’t even find out about the stolen pictures until it’s already started. They may even only find out through their friends.

What Does This Have To Do With Social Media?

When people discover that their personal photos have been it makes them want to stop sharing their life all together. Someone has begun to steal their identity, to put simply. It’s scary, scrolling the internet and suddenly seeing a picture you’ve posted on your private FB account on a RP account. This creates less and less people wanting to be active on social media. More and more people are shying away from social media and I’m leaning towards to, too. A person can only take so much.


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