Capstone Weekly Update #1

Welcome to New Beginnings

The year has begun once more and the stress is already kicking into high gear. This semester will be my busiest by far, from completing my courses to fulfilling my internship responsibilities. Week one is officially over and all the assignments have been laid out in front of me, only causing a minor panic attack.

I get like this every semester, I freak out and forget everything I’ve learned letting the fear take over my confidence. In our Capstone course we’ve been assigned a huge project to work with clients, simulating what our work will be outside of college. I’m very excited but also very nervous. I’ve been in talk with my partner for the project, Jessica Carmack, and we’ve been brewing up ideas separately and will come together in the next few days.

All in all, I’m expecting the course to ask the most of me by allowing me to use every ounce of skill I’ve learned up to the point. While showing my improvement I am always looking for new information to help further myself in the world. I hope I can prove that I can handle anything that’s thrown at me.

Looking forward to the road ahead. Till next time!

– Kailey –


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