Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call Review

Curtain Call Logo
Curtain Call Logo

It’s Time For The Curtain Call

I tend to spend a majority of my time playing video games. The types of games found in my hands are usually rhythm based. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call is exactly the type of game that I’m typically found playing. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm is a game that takes classic tunes from the franchise of Final Fantasy and  makes a game out of the rhythms. Being portable and on a 3DS makes the appeal to play this game much stronger. This type of game isn’t particularly one that the franchise is familiar with aside from the prequel to this title called Final Fantasy Theatrhythm. Moving from a RPG styled game to rhythm is a daring move but for Final Fantasy, it works.

Saving The World One Beat At A Time

Throughout Curtain Call the player is placed on an adventure to recover the lost crystals and ‘rhythmia’ of the world.  Gaining rhythmia allows the player to recruit the heroes and heroines of past Final Fantasy titles to help conquer the forces of evil. You can customize your own team of four heroes in order to obtain all of the lost crystals and rthymia in the world.

How Many Ways To Play?

The game supplies the players with a multitude of ways to play the game. With three different difficulty settings: normal score, expert score, and ultimate score. You are also given two different styles of play to choose from. You can choose to play the rhythm out with a stylus or by pressing the buttons on the gamepad. This allows for a a lot of playing options during your adventure to save the world from utter chaos.

The game also gives a few type of stages you can play. Battle Music Stage (BMS), Field Music Stage (FMS), and Event Music Stage (EMS) are the different styles of stages. Each stage is associated with a certain type of music. Below are some videos of each type of stage you can play:

Encore! Encore!

Curtain Call almost feels never ending with the amount of content within the game. From the different difficulties to the long list of 220 plus songs. There is one more section to touch on for solo play. Quest Medleys are a form of questing to gain crystal shards in order to unlock more heroes.

Curtain Call Quest Medley
Curtain Call Quest Medley

In Quest Medley mode you can choose to play a short quest, medium quest, long quest, and the Premium Chaos Maps. Each quest has a reward for completing the full adventure. The reward is usually crystal shards to help you further gather comrades in the fight against chaos. The reviewers over at IGN took a look at the game and wrote review on what they thought about the game!

The replay appeal is large within this game due to the fact the large amount of mix and match you can do with the types of stages and type of  play styles. Whether you are wanting to casually play the game or strive to complete the game with one hundred percent the game will not let you feel tired of its gameplay. The only time you may feel a little annoyed if when trying to achieve that perfect SSS score and having to hit restart on the same song.

A fellow colleague of mine recently wrote a review of YouTube Red a streaming service where games can be played and viewed by others. Take a look if you’re interested to find out how to watch live streams of games like this and others!

Take The Stage In a Concert To Remember

Rhythm and music are always going to be found in your life somehow. It’s the same with your favorite games that stick with you for a lifetime. Curtain Call does an outstanding job with the combination of old tales featuring our favorites and the ability to tap along to our favorite tunes heard throughout those games. I want to say that this game allows me to challenge myself on my rhythm but sometimes the controls feel a bit sticky and cause a slip up in your perfect shaun combos.

Curtain Call Characters
Curtain Call Characters

Despite the little hiccups in the gameplay Final Fantasy Curtain Call is a very casual game that can be picked up and put down at anytime. The game is something to be played at a moderate pace and enjoyed for the beauty in its music. As I said earlier, the game is something a casual gamer or hardcore gamer could play and both would enjoy it equally. It’s a fun filled game with lots of heart and a concert to remember hidden within.


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