Topic Blog Review: The Animator Life

The Animator Life - Menu Bar
The Animator Life – Menu Bar

Blog name or title: The Animator Life

Author: Ellie Augsburger
Brief description:

A brief look at the moments in an animators’ life. Well, a look inside animator Ellie Augburger’s life. This is a more casual tone blog, one that is relate-able to the current young crowd of animators and non-animators alike. Videos and personal comments about the struggles of an animator is what this blog is all about. It has a very charming pull to it. 

Why I like this blog:

Following animation is such a fun pastime for me. And blogs like this is a treasure that needs to be seen. The atmosphere i got from the blog was very casual but informative at the same time. This blog spoke more about how to get your work out and the thoughts that seem to plague many animators minds. Looking through the blog I see a bit of my personality hidden in between the lines. I suppose that is why this appeals to me so much is that the author of the blog and i have a similar mind set. A cute take on the life an animator that works very hard in their field. I adore it!


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