Topic Blog Review: Eric Miller Animation

Blog name or title: Eric Miller Animation Studios

Eric Miller Animation - Menu Bar
Eric Miller Animation – Menu Bar
Author: Eric Miller
Brief description:

A personal blog by animator Eric Miller. He talks about his journey working within the animation field. This blog is fairly new to the world starting in March of this year (2015). That’s a factor that pulls many in because it is current and meets the current animation requirements.

Why I like this blog:

The fact that this blog is so new to the blogging world just shows that Miller is talking about the field of animation in the year 2015. Many blogs I’ve seen seem to be stuck in years past. This blog is a nice change of pace and is updated quite regularly. I like to look at others’ personal experiences within fields I have an interest in. This sounds odd but it feels like I’m reading a story and I root for everything to go well for the writer! Ha ha, my creative mind gets a little carried away and I think that is a reason I love animation, as well.


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