Topic Blog Review: Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew - Banner
Cartoon Brew – Banner

Blog name or title: Cartoon Brew

Author: Amid Amidi
Brief description:

Constant updates on the world of animation. From sort animated films to full-length feature films this blog will have some type of information for it. This blog contains the box office sales from opening weekends of opening animated films and even lists films nominated for an Oscar! Looking for an update on a particular animated film and want a review? This blog may be the place for you!

Why I like this blog:

I adore animation! It makes me feel like a child again even though I am a young adult. To this day I constantly watch animated shows. This blog peaked my interest because of how much information there was to offer. With many writers for the blog it makes the posts evenly spread out that much more accurate. Even being a New Media Communications major doesn’t mean I don’t like to dabble in the animation field from time to time. I love to be up to date with the animation world because I constantly look for more animated shows to watch in my spare time. This blog seems to cover that base for me very well!


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