Live Tweet Event: Geek Media Expo (GMX)

This past Halloween I had the pleasure of attending Geek Media Expo Vol. 7 In Nashville. The event consisted of panels that the attendees could go to if they were interested in the topics. I really had fun and a lot of knowledge was gained through this experience.

The first panel that I had attended was Cinema Sins: Sneak Peak. In this panel the writers/creators of the popular YouTube channel Cinema Sins talked about their processes in editing their witty commentary over movies.

The last panel of the day, for me, was called Animating in American Media. in this panel 2 animatiors came to talk with us about what they do and how they got their starts into the animation industry.

All in all, this was a really interesting expo to attended. There were some really great panels to be seen that talked a lot about how media has changed. I personally recommend that anyone who is interested in certain aspects of media take a peak and see what GMX has to offer you! Here is a link to their website! 

This live tweet event was also posted on Storify if you all would like to view it there!


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