Final Fantasy IX : The Melody Of Life

Title Logo for Final Fantasy IX.

A Bit Of Background

Entering a world of fantasy is the dream of many people. The game franchise Final Fantasy (FF) has been creating these worlds of fantasies for many years and still growing strong even releasing games today. The company Square Enix, originally Square Soft, hosts the Final Fantasy franchise among many others in fantasy role-playing games (RPGs). Final Fantasy IX (released 2000)was my first RPG I had ever played and to this day is still my favorite game to this day. Fans of RPGs across the world will more than likely claim a Final Fantasy title as a favorite RPG of theirs, many will bring up Final Fantasy VII the most famous FF title. Today, I want to take a look back at my favorite FF title of all time; one that changed me to who I am today.

Characters Who Aren’t Perfect – Just Like Me

Let’s start off with the characters chosen to make their debut in this title. All of them are mess, none of them are the spitting image of perfection and I love that. When you go through this game you, the player, go through what all of the characters face and come to understand why they act certain ways. Zidane Tribal, a thief in a mobile acting group called Tantalus, goes to preform for (and kidnap) the princess of Alexandria. Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, the princess in this tale tired of her life in the castle wants to escape and explore. These two run into each other and a whole new adventure has begun. Garnet wants to be kidnapped and allows Zidane to take her around the world when they are wrapped up in a whirlwind of events that brews trouble.

Many different characters are introduced throughout the story, some we lose, some we never see but once, others stay with us til the very end. The moments of intimacy between the characters interactions are some of the more difficult parts to sit through straight-faced the first time. You’ll laugh, cry, and feel because the characters become so dear to the players. You want them to be happy and I feel that is a drive in completion for this game. The music and plot line create a symbolism together. The adventure that you’re on is following the melody of life, the games’ title song.

Music Pulled Me In – The Story Made Me Stay

All of the titles of Final Fantasy are notoriously known for their soundtracks. The sound track for FF IX is no different. With the importance of melody and music in this games’ story line and integration into the characters’ lives the player is bound to hear multiple renditions of the same tune. That’s the point, the melody is meant to give you a pang of emotion when the different versions, depending on the situation, hit you with the amount of emphasis on the meaning behind the notes. Personally, the music is what had initially peaked my interest in this games. If my friend had never won a copy of this games’ album who knows what my favorite game would be? That album changed my life, introduced me to this tale of love, adventure, and hardship.

This soundtrack creates an aura of wonder and adventure with a subtle touch of uncertainty lying underneath the general happy tones. As you progress deeper into the game you begin to notice the symbolism between the dialogue and the music played. As I mentioned before the games’ plot and music score hold a parallel: the adventure you’re on are the notes to the melody of life. To bring for the impact this game has had on fans, like myself, I want to share that a fan-made album with remixes of the entire original soundtrack was released this year. You can listen to the remix album here and the original sound track here.

Bring My Beloved Back To Me – And I Will

This game, albeit old and no longer a big deal, will always and forever be a title I will return to. The amount of story, characterization, emotion, and whatever else could be placed in a game will never be out beaten, in my opinion. The game is a tale of love, friendship, and triumph with a vast diversity of content. You can still get the game and play it yourself on the PlayStation Store if you so choose, I’ll leave a link for it here. It is a title I highly recommend you play yourself. Even though it isn’t up to today’s graphic standards all of the heart is still there. And it is worth every minute to bring the melody to life.


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