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Audience Profile – Who’s Going To Even Read This?

In order to let their audience know that their are people constantly on top of releasing information as soon as it comes up the team for IGN posts every hour to every few hours. Looking at from a glace you would just assume that it was written for hardcore gamers in their late 20s. In a way you would be correct but also incorrect because the writing style and content wouldn’t always appeal to those hardcore gamers. In fact, IGN does its best to include as many demographics as possible in order to keep their website traffic up. The demographic on this website could go from teenagers to those in their mid 50s because it is meant to appeal to both gamers and casuals. Their goal and appeal as a website is mainly towards gamers and now they have branched out into grabbing the attention of casuals. Casuals being the people who aren’t always aiming to buy a game as soon as it launches or go to a midnight movie premiere.
Purpose of Publication – To Entertain Or Not To Entertain? website screen grab. website screen grab.

When you read an article it is fairly easy to pick out what the motive for writing the particular article.  IGN is a website based around spreading information about up-and-coming game titles, movies, and even reviews to go along with the announcement. For IGN they do their best to evenly distribute the types of content that is publish to the site.  IGN is a very informational site with the object of posting news and posting articles, or videos, for entertainment purposes.  Along with the goal of grabbing the attention of games and casuals alike there are going to be those other sites fighting for that attention.
Frequency of Publication – Oh, I’m Late For a Very Important Post! screen grab Article Time Stamps

In order to let their audience know that their are people constantly on top of releasing information as soon as it comes up the team for IGN posts every hour to every few hours. They do tend to switch up the material which is very good. By this I mean that there isn’t a constant stream of just game reviews or a constant stream of sketches they have produced. This gives the audience a wide range of options to surf through when they are interested in the websites content. This in turn lets IGN know what appeals and what doesn’t so they can increase or decrease the amount of that particular subject.
The Competition – Fight the Enemy! screen grab.

With good fortune comes those who wants the success you have. For IGN those who want the attention that they have managed to gain come from smaller websites that have the same goal: get game information out to the public as fast an as accurate as possible. and are both sites with that same motive: to grab the attention as quickly as we can and before our competitors get to them first. This creates a a large increase in accurate information being spread to the fans of these sites.

Style Issues – 

IGN is known for its sketches and fun articles that bring laughs and enjoyment to their readers. This is the type of writing that would bring in casuals but also be informative to the gamers who are their to get the most up to date game info. The only issues that I find hard to deal with is the amount of inconsistent tones but I feel that is to be expected with the wide rang of content placed on the site. The reviews on games can greatly differ because of the games ratings and games internal content. It causes the reviews style to be inconsistent and choppy.

Information Challenges – Message Interference 

The audience should have a slight inclination to what they are going to be reading on this site. The more knowledge the audience has towards the sites content the better received the messages in the articles are going to be. Of course, with everything comes a small issue with the clarity of communication. IGN is a main focus on the video gaming community but has branched out to reach those who are not always connected with the video game world. This small break in between these two groups makes for an issue of language to make itself known. A why to fix this is to have someone who is not fully involved in the aspects of the gaming community read the articles and see if the message is still comprehensible to them. Sure, it will cost you a few minutes but the more people that are able to read and understand the articles the better. It would have to come down to the websites’ preference.


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