Game Review Outline : Final Fantasy IX



  1. Overview of Final Fantasy IX
    1. Main Plot of the Game
      1. Save the world from demise.
      2. Bring peace and happiness back to the world.
    2. Sub-Plots of the Game
      1. Find out about all of the characters backstories and how they became who they have become.
      2. Find out who Zidane truly is. Find out where he is from (what world).



  1. The Characters
    1. Main Characters
      1. The story of a thief and a princess named Zidane and Garnet.
    2. Side Characters/Minor Characters
      1. A summons mage, a wannabe chef, a knight, a vigilante, a respectable fighter, and many others who help to achieve peace.
    3. Villains
      1. Kuja and his Creator
    4. Working Together
      1. How they all met and work together to reach a similar goal.
  2. Story
    1. A kidnapping goes wrongs when the princess wants to run away.
      1. The Thief and princess run off with a crew and meet others along the way.
      2. This begins the true adventure of finding who you are.
    2. Discovers of the world possibly ending gives the group a new determination and drive to save what little they could.

III. Music

  1. The music plays a large role in this game
    1. Only memory of family
    2. A reminder to the characters that you are never alone.
  2. This game has characters involved in acting and performing.
    1. Zidane and Tantalus
  3. Symbolisms
    1. Lyrical meanings towards certain characters
    2. Characters bring up names used in songs or lines from plays done in the early stages of the game.
      1. Kuja calling Garnet, “My little Canary.” Revisiting a line in the early moments in the game



  1. Summary
    1. Why the game has such strong praise for it
    2. The heart and love in this game proves its impact on people’s lives (myself included).

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