A Virtual Concept

In recent years an interest in creating a world within a virtual dimension peaked. As more research was done on this newly applied project a proper name was given to it: virtual reality. Virtual reality is the concept that we, as people, will be able to enter a completely virtual world and be able to live as if it were a reality. Despite the interesting concept we still don’t know a lot about this foreign virtual world. Many developers for games and many independent companies have taken an interest in the idea of bringing virtual reality (VR) into the physical world.

One Small Step For Man One Giant Step For Virtual Reality

Years have gone by since the initial idea for VR was conveyed and with that time has come attempts at becoming one step closer to achieving the goal. E3, a gaming convention held annually, brings in many developers who are all trying to bring VR to life.  Indie developers,Oculus Rift_Blogindependent game development companies, have become the first of the gaming community to showcase a prototype suited for virtual reality. While the actual prototype itself isn’t exactly what was expected, it was also another step in the right direction. Oculus Rift, the first VR headset to be showcased, is an indie developed product. It allows the user to look through a first person perspective and act as if they were actually in the particular setting placed before them.

Let The Games Begin

Since Oculus had first debuted many companies have gone with the same direction, making a headset instead of a helmet. Microsoft and Samsung have both joined the race in creating the most realistic virtual reality helmet and/or headset. The Hololens, created by Microsoft, was showcased at E3 2015 and it proved to be quite the contender. The Hololens projects a hologram like screen in front of the user, and sSamsung-Gear-VR_Blogaid user can manipulate the image by pulling and pushing the world. The downfall to the interaction with the hologram is that it is only visible to the user and no one else. In other worlds, the user is making hand gestures to the air, when in their mind they see a world not just a table.

The More The Merrier

Along with the Hololens, Samsung entered the ring with a headset called Samsung Gear VR. Like the HoMicrosoft-Hololens_Bloglolens, the Samsung Gear VR headset was also debuted at E3 2015. The goal for this headset is the ability to use your phone as the database for the virtual reality world. Both of these aspiring companies have the same motivation, creating a world to call our own personal virtual realities. Companies are still brainstorming how they can create such a world and are using games to help them build better VR’s.

The Time Is Now

In 2015, it is clear to see that we are a very technology driven world and virtual reality helps us reach heights we didn’t dream were reachable a few years ago. Going forward with the progress in virtual reality it could benefit us in more than just for fun. The VR could potentionally help lower stress, ease mental and emotional strain maybe even more issues could be resolved with this tool. Imagining if VR were to be a success there is only one thing I fear that could potentially happen, and that would be us losing our own humanity. Simply finding ourselves wanting to be in virtual reality more so than in an actual reality.

The Underlying Scare That Brings Excitement

With the dangers of losing our sense of humanity and our reality to another world that is nothing but happy thoughts; it’s quite scary. The true reality we’ve spent so many years trying to create to meet our own expectations could be thrown away for a fake program within minutes. I am for virtual reality, I feel as long as the usage of these virtual reality headsets are monitored nothing should go awry. Again, with all things, some are bound to push themselves past the limits that are considered healthy and harm themselves. A main fear many people will have about VR is the addictive quality it could have, a very similar issue with video games. Then again, video games and virtual reality seem to go hand in hand, don’t they? As time goes on I’m positive that these developers will be able to create a safe VR for all of us to enjoy every so often and that will be a time to look forward to.


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