Tick Tock Goes The Smart Watch

Telling time has always been one peoples’ minds whether it be to check what time it is or to just watch the clock hands tick. Since the start of 2015 Apple has taken the world by storm with more than just phones. With their most recent Earnings call they announced the Apple watch. The Apple watch is a watch that can tell time but also allows messaging and many other features, in short the watch is like another phone. Although this is not what pegs my interest, another company called Olio has developed a new watch that is going to compete with the all and powerful Apple. An article put up on Tech Crunch has a more in depth look of the Olio and brings up a few small points between the Apple and Olio watches.

Olio is a watch that is very similar to that of the Apple watch except the functionality of each watch. An Olio basic watch is only about $595 while the Apple watch is $599-$1000. The Olio watch is compatible with IOS and Android phones making messaging within the watch easy to use. Voice activation and Bluetooth access are just some of the few things that the Olio watch is capable of.

Here is what I am curious about, how are we able to fit a phone into a watch? Even if the watch isn’t a phone it has all of the capabilities of a phone. What is even more intriguing is that we will be able to shrink this watches size in a year or two with how fast our technologies are changing. With that much easy access to social communication (i.e. texting) it could hinder the way we speak face to face with one another. The language we use today has already been simplified so much and if we keep going the way we are going we will soon forget how to speak proper to one another. I apologize, I’m rambling—

In any case, Olio has done a brave thing by announcing its watch only such a short time after Apple showed off their beautiful Apple watch. Apple should be careful with its watch seeing as the Olio is slowly becoming more appealing to other customers for its easy to use and less bulky than the Apple. Personally, I would choose the Olio for its easy use and functionality. The look of the watch is an added bonus for me and seems more like a smaller faced watch. This is another big difference for the Apple and Olio watches. The bulky square shaped Apple watch seems heavy and very obvious that it is in fact an Apple watch while the Olio is a circle shaped watch which seems less obvious that it is a smart watch you are wearing.

I’m curious to see where this story goes and how much the smart watches will change in the future. It is possible that we will see some more smart watches pop up in the market after the Apple and Olio watches are real released to the public.


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