GoPro: A New Way to Livestream

With so many new livestreaming apps and websites coming into play it is only natural that a few already existing devices will try to include livestreaming into their programs. GoPro, a camera that you can take with you and record almost any environment, has taken the first steps to implementing livestreaming to their already popular camera (Read the full article on Mashable). They have developed a transmitter they call HEROCast. This sounds like an amazing idea they only drawback is the pricing. For two of these HD transmitters it will cost you $7500, yikes, a little bit pricey. With apps like Meerkat and Periscope do we really need this HEROCast? Considering that anyone who has a smart phone can get either of these livestreaming apps for free. The idea is so interesting yet the price just ruins the whole image for me. The fact that livestreaming is becoming such as huge deal is amazing and the more we look into the possibilities the better outcomes we will have. Livestreaming will soon become the way of the future, in my eyes. It seems that with the speed we are going we won’t need cable anymore, instead we will only be paying attention to live streamers. Whether they are streaming games, crafts, or anything else people will watch them. I think that GoPro taking the step to create a device that adapts to the new livestreaming craze is only the beginning for livestreaming. In my personal experience I actually prefer to watch live streamers than actual television shows. I think it has to do with the commentary that those who are livestreaming make. Livestreaming is somewhat of a podcast mixed with a visual component and I think that is such an interesting factor that it pulls in a lot of people. GoPro cameras are amazing on their own and adding HEROCast to the mix is a big step that may not measure up just yet, but it is leading up to something much bigger. Adding the ability to watch someone snowboarding down a ramp or pulling off tricks on a skateboarding ramp can give you an adrenaline rush even if you are not the person performing said tricks. With this technology I can imagine the possibilities for success in the livestreams produced by these transmitters. The transmitters will allow someone to watch another person doing things that maybe the person watching can’t do. It is almost as if the people watching the live streamers are living through those who are live streaming.  We will see the development of these live streaming devices over the course of the next few months and years. I can’t wait to see what is created out of these small stepping stones for livestreaming. Things can only get bigger and better from here and we will get to see it live.


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