Twitter: Policy Changes for the Better?

Twitter has become one of the top used social media apps in recent years. With the ability to create short messages, 140 characters or less, and send them with a click of a button. It is an easy way to get your thoughts and opinions across even if it is a limited message. With this amazing tool used daily there are, of course, going to be a few issues that arise. Despite Twitter being created in the mid-2000s a few new, pressing issues have arisen that are causing some deep concern for those who have come across them. Violent and abusive cyberbullying have been around for a very long time, too long in fact. Twitter in recent days has had a large number of these type of threats arising towards users. Yesterday Twitter released that they would be changing their policies to counteract the amount of tweets being used as a method of cyberbullying. TechCrunch did a more in depth article on their website if you would like to read it. When users are threatened on twitter they decide to leave the social media platform to get away from the bullying, possibly letting itself die out. This is not good for Twitter and its user base. When users go away from Twitter for lack of monitoring of content being shared (tweeted, favorited, retweeted etc.). This is such a strong and bold move by Twitter, a move in the right direction. Twitter heads are being brought to attention to the ongoing abuse done on their media platform. Many times we have seen public figures taking leave from social media platform, the leaves of absence derive from the cyberbullying on those platform they use. With Twitter moving forward to make a change to lower these types of offensive tweets being shared on their platform is sure to send a shock to the rest of the social media platforms. This is progress for us as humans that we are realizing how destructive and cruel we can be. By stopping these types of messages from being spread on these types of media platforms is the first step in creating a happier and more pleasant experience for users. This is progress I am so ecstatic that we have decided to move forward with. We are taking the toxic messages and limiting those people who are toxic themselves is showing that this type of behavior is not acceptable. I will keep my eyes on this developing stories to see if other platforms work towards this same going towards the same goals. The only question I have is will this change in policy make me feel safer from cyberbullies or just more fearful? We just have to tweet and wait.


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