Virtual Reality: Just Virtual or a soon to be Reality?

As we continue to evolve technology everyday new discoveries are made. We have come so far as being able to achieve a virtual reality. Virtual reality has been the center of attention, for gamers, for a few months. Along with the Oculus Rift many other competitors a new player has come onto the field. Usens, a virtual reality headset that takes control with your phone and hands, has now been laid out on the table.  An article was put up on Mashable talking about how different the Usens is from the other virtual reality headsets that are currently on the market.

“For $279 you can buy a version of the headset (which has about two hours of battery life) that allows you to place your iPhone 6 or Android phone into the headset for VR functionality .And for $359 you get the all-in-one version of the device (with about one and a half hours of battery life), which has its own built-in display (no mobile phone necessary).”

In my honest opinion this seems like an excessive cost for a virtual reality headset like this. The fact that its battery power is so limited makes me suspicious of its actually power. It is never addressed in the article if the battery is rechargeable, I suppose it is assumed, or if you need to buy an entire new battery. Still the battery life itself is quite inconvenient for many gamers who can go on playing a game for many long hour sessions. The bulky look of the headset isn’t too appealing for consumers and we can tell that this look will not change before the first shipment of these headsets is sent out in December of this year. Despite its flaws this headset is defiantly a help in trying to further create a better virtual reality headset for the public to enjoy.

With the developments of the Oculus Rift and the Usens (along with many other) virtual reality helmets in the works it is possible to see virtual reality become, well, a reality in the next few years. We may be able to even access the reality while sleeping and just viewing the reality there. The amount of ways the progress of Virtual reality can go is almost limitless. The further we push the technology and receive good result the outcome to actually live in reality and virtual reality is truly amazing. I’m very curious to see where this product goes: will it succeed and come out with a more improved model with a less bulky look and longer battery times or will this be the stopping point for Usens? It’s unfortunate that we have to wait and see but I’m sure the progress will be quick and updates will be brought to us in no time at all.


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