Snapchat: Embrace Yourself

At the beginning of my second semester of college I had been assigned a project that would take the entire course to do. We were tasked to find a social media platform we didn’t use or like and give it a try. Now, I had Snapchat installed on my phone for the longest time but I rarely used it aside from maybe one or two friends that messages me on it. I would never ‘snap back’ because I didn’t know what was okay to ‘snap’. I often questioned what the etiquette of Snapchat was; was there even an etiquette to follow? As the Semester went along I forced myself to become more comfortable with the app itself and responding to the snaps I had gotten. It turned out to be a lot of fun!
As I got more comfortable with the app the more excited I would get when a new friend wanted to add me on Snapchat. These snaps could go on for hours and the fun would never stop. The ability to take silly pictures, even videos, was a way to get creative and break the ice. When you take a picture you can draw and even add text over it, even with some character limitations. The longer that I’ve had this app the better the experience has gotten. I find myself checking my snaps everyday having hour long conversations over the silliest of things. With new updates the company continues to add small things that only further my interest and usage of the app. Filters, the ability to chat, keeping up with other peoples stories and even more things to come.

In the early days when I first downloaded the app I was a very timid and more kept to myself type of person. I tended to take snaps but I would never send them for fear of being judged or made fun of. Of course, as time went on and I got more friends added on my Snapchat the more comfortable I became with sending silly faces to make my friends smile. There is one downfall to Snapchat, then again doesn’t everything have a flaw? When you send a snap to someone that person has the ability to take a ‘snapshot’ of your snap. Meaning that person took a picture of the picture you sent them privately. Depending on the person you sent the messages to can result in if they take a snapshot or not. This flaw can be frightening because the snapshot could be used as blackmail, in a very drastic situation. Despite the flaw the app is still very fun and interactive.

I really have enjoyed my usage of Snapchat. It’s gotten to the point where I have to send snaps to my friends at least once a day. Chatting through Snapchat is such a creative way to communicate. I use the ‘story’ aspect of Snapchat constantly because it is really fun, and challenging, to see how much content you can put in a short amount of time. It’s also really fun to share your day through the story option, and those snaps stay up for a full 24 hours so your followers can see the snaps as well! I like to put up 10 second, the time limit for the video function, song clips on my stories and see if anyone likes them.

Snapchat feels so fun and casual. The app doesn’t force you to do anything other than enjoy yourself. The idea behind Snapchatting as a way to communicate is honestly one of the most intriguing ideas that has peaked my interest in the past few months. If you haven’t trie out Snapchat yet I would give a try in the near future. See what kind of creative idea and stories you are able to come up with. I’m so glad I decided to try out this app, if not I wouldn’t have become so outgoing and I wouldn’t have embraced who I am. Thanks Snapchat, I’ll be snapping for a while to come!


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